Happy to be a housewife

I raised in a Indian middle class family where from childhood we taught that education is the most important thing in life and after finish our education we have to find a suitable job to get a perfect life. So was mine. After my MBA, I worked for 5 years as an HR. in the mean time I got married to a very nice person, few months later we relocate to Abu Dhabi (as my husband got a good job offer).

Abu Dhabi is one of the world most desirable place to relocate. Always sunny but doesn’t have to feel the sun, like ever (I hate freezing cold places). No conservation for expats as 90% are expats. A big chunk of crowd is from western countries. Never ending international shopping brands and fun places. Here I first came to know about Netflix. I never liked to watch typical Indian serials so I became a big fan of Netflix series. My life became a never ending holiday.

I enjoyed at fullest for first 2 months. So much of freedom without any restrictions. I relived my collage life. I never used to cook before so pizza and all unhealthy food became a regular habit, spending time at shopping malls till midnight.

Soon I realized that I get bored and this consistent boredom was not leaving me. I never get bored before. Not continuously work for 10-12 hours instead of 8 hours, Not after rejection of 20 candidates for 1 position. Never… So I desperately start searching for a job And failed too many times to get a suitable one. After 1 year I was depressed, devastated and lost.

My husband was a great support at that time (actually always).He keeps inspiring me. I started focusing on what I have. I make our one bedroom flat into our home. Every corner, each wall needed a touch to make it a home. I learned cooking from you tube. My husband keep inviting friends with family over dinner to motivate me.

My first step towards finding myself was making new friends. Trust me, in a new place or in a new country where you don’t know anyone, friends are going to be the biggest support. Soon my friends circle grow much more than just office people. We started our ladies get together at afternoon time. Most of them were working before like me. Over lunch or snacks we start discussing about fashion,culture, travel etc. ( we all are from different state, country, religion and language). Sometimes we used to go out for a movie or shopping or just some random places.

One of my friend suddenly asked me to help her kid with her studies. As she need to take care of her new born. I agreed. I was overjoyed because I loved to teach kids. That make me feel really very happy. Kids innocence can make anyone smile. (My student thought that out there only one office exist, where her daddy works….πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„)

We start motivating each other to do what we can do better other than office job. One of my friend start taking dance classes. Most of us joined her (as fitness is big issue for house wives). We enjoyed the class a lot. My student did great in her exam and another two

parents (from my neighborhood) wants their kids to take tuition from me. I start charging a minimum amount for these new kids. I was very happy that I started earning. Soon I started Art classes too (I can draw a little bit).

The earning from these may be very little compared to a 9 to 5 job salary but it really makes me happy and give flexibility which I never get in a office job. Now I have a busy routine and happy life as a home maker. I never get bored. Never miss my old job.

I know many of you faced or facing the same problem. I’ll say, just don’t be lost in thinking what you couldn’t have. Redefine your life, embrace yourself, make friends with whom you can laugh, you can share, learn new skills, think what you can do better other than a office job, devote some time on that (you may start earning some pocket money while doing what you love to do).

Stay healthy and happy. Make a beautiful life to cherish…


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